Make an impact with certified organic HOPE Tees

Organic Tees that enhance lives

HOPE Tees that enhance lives

Our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton T-Shirts are manufactured by Freeset, a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation. Women who were once marginalized and trapped by poverty and prostitution were given a way to freedom, to learn new skills, and to earn a respectable living. HOPE by Happy Fit LLP believes in the cause and is proud to be a supporter.  In addition, we will donate S$5 from the gross proceeds of each T-Shirt to Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) in Singapore.

HOPE tee is more than a T-Shirt! It restores pride and dignity of women, and helps support the free programmes and services at CCF for children impacted by cancer and their families! Made using 100% organic cotton fabric, it saves our Earth and helps support small-scale cotton farmers. Last but not least, it promotes positivity. We believe everyone can make this a better world and living place. For each tee you purchase and own, you give freedom to women and improve the quality of life of children. Wear a HOPE tee to make a fashion statement. Feel safe, feel proud, and feel inspired wearing our tees! Let's give HOPE to enhance lives together.