About HOPE

HOPE by Happy Fit - Our Humble Beginning..

We are a cheery couple living in a small red dot country called Singapore. We created HOPE to give HOPE to enhance lives.


Our mission is to bring freedom, dignity and hope to lives trapped in modern day slavery and poverty.

We envision a world where women of all ages have the opportunity to gain control of their lives and pursue a life of dignity and hope.


HOPE story in a nutshell

HOPE Story

We wanted to find real purpose in life after working in the corporate world for over 15 years. In our search, we got highly inspired by the book 'Start Something That Matters' from Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes . In his book, Blake encouraged everyone to dream of something that matters and to take action. Enthused, we started ‘HOPE’ for marginalized women living in slavery, prostitution and poverty. Like TOMS shoes, HOPE aspires to be a sustainable social enterprise and not solely dependent on donations. We decided to partner with Freeset which currently makes and prints our organic cotton tees.

HOPE believes in this cause and is also proud to be a supporter of World Fair Trade Organisation.

Organic Tees that gives HOPE to Enhance Lives

HOPE tee is more than a T-Shirt! It restores pride and dignity of women. Made using 100% organic cotton fabric, it saves our Earth and helps support small-scale cotton farmers. Last but not least, it promotes positivism.

We believe everyone can make this a better world and living place. For each tee you purchase and own, you give freedom to women and improve the quality of life of children. Wear a HOPE tee to make a fashion statement. We also want you to feel safe, feel proud, and feel inspired wearing our tees! Let's give HOPE and enhance lives together.

with Love and HOPE,
Happy Fit LLP