Organic Cotton

A little story about the monsters in your closet

A friend shared with us this Greenpeace study into harmful chemicals in clothings.

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Seven reasons why we choose Organic Cotton

While some critics argue that they don’t need to wear organic cotton because “I’m not going to eat my shirt!”. At HOPE, we believe there are a good seven reasons why we choose organic cotton for our tees.


Organic cotton is more durable than its conventional counterpart. The reason is because a wide variety of chemicals are used in the growing and processing of conventional cotton. These chemicals weaken the structure of the fibre and eventually, the fabric.

Consumers consistently reported that organic cotton products feel softer and easier on their skin.



Chemicals are harmful and have contributed...

Why Organic Cotton is Better?

Organic Cotton Fabric

What does Organic Cotton Cost?

Organic cotton may cost more up front, but it has substantial benefits over the long term.Organic cotton products cannot compete on price with mass-produced items. You can buy a pack of 5 tees from the mass market for less than it costs us just in material and labour for a single piece of our tees, however, to the aware consumer there is no real comparison. One product is saturated with dyes and other chemicals and is mass produced under exploitative conditions. The other is individually made from lovingly grown,...