" I want to return to my Nepal. "

“I want to go home,” committed the first Nepali woman after four years of visiting Tamar’s community center. The Tamar team saw her determination and became dedicated to make it happen.

Every day more than 50 young girls and women are trafficked out of Nepal and into India to enter a life of slavery*. Extreme poverty in the hilly, barren countryside of Nepal leaves families vulnerable to the promises of a better life abroad and consequently many girls are lured into the sex trade. Traffickers promise good money to convince parents to let go of their daughters, and this is how hundreds land in Sonagachhi, one of South Asia’s largest red-light areas located in the heart of Kolkata. As these women’s lives become more entrenched in the foreign maze of Sonagacchi’s narrow alleys, returning to their families in the beautiful Himalayan valleys feels more and more like an impossible dream.


Tamar, a project of the Freeset Trust, has a small community center in Sonagacchi, that creates a safe space for women in the trade to meet—a place where relationships and trust are built. Thanks to the tireless work of the community center manager and her support staff, they have developed many personable, healthy relationships with these women. Tamar came to learn of a Nepali brothel right next to the community center and identified that for many of these women, freedom means going back to Nepal, to the country they call home.

Pip Rea, Tamar’s program director, traveled to Nepal visiting various organizations to build a support system. This resulted in more than 20 people from different organizations agreeing to work together to bring the Nepali women back home.

There will be challenges ahead but the Tamar team are determined to make freedom a reality for the Nepali women who have found the courage to start a new life.

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*Retrieved from: 3 Angels Nepal


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