End Child Trafficking and Human Slavery

 Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime and the third most profitable organised crime. An estimated 21 million people are caught in this modern day slavery, and 1 out of 3 victims are children*.

This World Day against Trafficking in Persons, learn more about how children are affected and see what small acts can make a big difference!

What You Should Know

  • 30 July is World Day against Trafficking in Persons. It’s a global effort to bring attention to the fact that human trafficking is the fastest...

Proposed Anti-Trafficking Law in India

India has proposed anti-trafficking law imposes 10 year imprisonment for offenders..

HOPE is Weaving Freedom with Freeset Fabrics

Weaving Freedom

Freeset Fabrics is weaving freedom into the lives of the women of West Bengal and their communities. They provide women at risk of being forced into roles that exploit and oppress them with an opportunity for fairly-paid employment and training in the production of beautiful hand-woven scarves. So much more than a length of woven fabric, the core collection is designed to enhance contemporary classic style and complement many occasions, telling a story of a journey to freedom.

The vision is to breathe life into poor, vulnerable communities and see them transformed through sustainable business. By empowering women with...

" I want to return to my Nepal. "

" I want to return to my Nepal. "

“I want to go home,” committed the first Nepali woman after four years of visiting Tamar’s community center. The Tamar team saw her determination and became dedicated to make it happen.

Every day more than 50 young girls and women are trafficked out of Nepal and into India to enter a life of slavery*. Extreme poverty in the hilly, barren countryside of Nepal leaves families vulnerable to the promises of a better life abroad and consequently many girls are lured into the sex trade. Traffickers promise good money to convince parents to let go of their daughters, and...

Choice, Change and Cha!

Choice, Change and Cha!

The once dominant strand of vulnerability for women in Murshidabad is now being interwoven with choice and opportunity at Freeset Fabrics. Lets find out how the woman there feel about it.

Freeset Fabrics celebrated training and new trainees last month. While acknowledging that employment is not the only answer to troubles that women in India face – it can play a significant role in effecting positive change and training is the first step.

The once dominant strand of vulnerability for women in Murshidabad is now being interwoven with choice and opportunity at Freeset Fabrics – bringing with...