Sex Trafficking - Innocence Betrayed

Modern Day SlaveryThe sex traffickers prey on the vulnerable victims of poverty, young women and children, and those searching for a better life. These innocents are often promised a job in another city by a trafficker who gains their trust only to sell them as sex slaves. Some are locked up in brothels and others do not have the resources or are too traumatized to find their way home.

There are many reasons why women and children are vulnerable to traffickers, but the true cause of trafficking lies with demand. Those who patronize the commercial sex industry around the world are responsible for the demand which traffickers try to meet. Underlying this demand is the perception that all human beings are not equal in dignity and value and that some - particularly women - can be exploited for another's pleasure or gain.

The women and children who survived trafficking and commercial sex exploitation face many challenges. Psychological and emotional damage from years of cruelty and neglect can be paralyzing. Survivors also face health issues such as HIV/AIDS and damage to their bodies through abuse. Furthermore, in the developing countries, the social stigma attached to sex work means that many victims are not welcomed home. Thus, those who are trafficked at a young age find themselves without skills or education, are unable to re-integrate into society. Many victims of trafficking remain in the trade not because they are kept by force but because they have no other means of earning a living and imagine no other life. Lack of choice can enslave a child or woman as effectively as a locked door.

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