Fair Trade Is Sustainability

The ultimate goal of #fairtrade is to ensure companies pay a fair price to farmers and producers in developing countries for their products. The fair dollars received...

Sustainable Cotton Is Much Needed

Do you know that approximately 25 million tons of cotton are produced every year? However, #organic #cotton only accounts for 1 percent of this total. This low adaptation does not help to build a #sustainable #environment.

Low Trafficking Rate. Really??

Should we call for celebration with low trafficking rate in India?

Frequently Asked Questions on Human Trafficking

Listed below are a few common FAQs extracted from The Carolina Women’s Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Is human trafficking the same thing as slavery?

Majority of the people refer to human trafficking as modern-day slavery. Although it is not the same as the transatlantic slave trade that flourished prior to the Civil War, there are many similarities in how victims are treated.

What is the actual definition...

10 Ways to Fight Poverty

10 Ways to Fight Poverty

Listed below are 10 simple ways to aid in the fight against global poverty.

1.     Become aware.

The first step in conquering any problem is acknowledging that there is one. Awareness can start with simple things like watching and reading the news, or even taking five minutes out of your day just to call your local nonprofits and shelters and find out what is going on right now, and what efforts are being put forth to assist the world’s poor.

2.     Generate Awareness.

It’s not enough just to become aware yourself of the current happenings in global poverty. In...